Gear, gear it's finally here!!

(See what I did there?!?!?!) The gear site is locked and loaded, so follow the link below to order the latest and greatest Severn River Swag! 

What are the highlights you ask???

1. The new Rookie tees are on there in case you aren't a rookie but want one! 

2. For Dee and all of the crewneck sweatshirt lovers out there, a new option is live on the site.... OOOoooooooooo

3. The classic Severn River Rugby striped shirt is back if you want to look cool and pop your collar

4. Sneak preview of the Alumni Under Armour Baseball Tee that will be available this weekend (limited quantities available, but if we run out you can order here!)

5. Custom shorts with MD flag print in our blue and green colors. 


So where can I go to find this great stuff and order it?!?! 


Whaatttttt there isn't free shipping like Amazon Prime?!?!?!?! 

If you select the pick up in store option, that will mean it will be shipped to the club and you can snag at practice. If you want it shipped to a different location than practice, you will need to pay shipping... sorry Amazon ruined us all. 


Is there a deadline? 

Get your orders in by next Friday, October 28th (No Exceptions)- its quick, easy and on the internet... so basically everyone can figure it out.